Building & Ventilation Questionaire

Questions About Your Plant

Does Your Plant Have?

A negative air pressure problem? Yes  No
Cold and drafty areas? (docks, doorways etc.) Yes  No
Projected high capital make-up air equipment costs?
Get the highest quality, heavy duty equipment with the most advanced designs for the least cost
Yes  No
Excessive fuel usage? (costs?)
Make-up air without the high cost of using natural gas!
Yes No
Excessive heat anytime or anywhere?
Localized or entire plant
Yes No
Air contaminant problems of any kind?
Smoke, mist, volatile fumes (etc.)
Yes No
Potential future health issue law suits? Yes No
Inadequate system design to control air problems Yes No
Inadequate equipment to control air problems Yes No
High operating costs of air conditioning?
Start air conditioning up to 6 weeks later Than usual and stop air conditioning up to six weeks earlier than usual
Yes No

Building and Ventilation Questionnaire

1. A Drawing of Your Facility Showing its Length: Width:   Height:
2. Roof type: Flat Peak   Shed Other   

Peak Height     Eave Height:
3. Roof exhaust CFM; Wall Exhaust CFM; Supply Fans CFM;

Source Capture Exhaust CFM; Heated Make-Up Air CFM

4. Locate areas of contamination: excessive heat overhead obstructions Overhead cranes workers locate individual exhaust fans and make up air units and their cfm ratings and any other pertinent information.
5. Calculation of Your Return on Investment Requires the Following
Information: Hours Worked Per Day:   Days Per Week:

Type of Fuel: Cost of Fuel:
6. Voltage Phase Cycle
7. Name of Project (City, State):
8. Name     Company Name   

Phone    Fax    E-Mail Address

Please attach a drawing, if you have one


Thank You

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